Thursday, October 18, 2007

Quotes of the day

The chemist we call R2D2 was presenting. He earned the nickname for being intelligent and totally incomprehensible at the same time. Insightful comments are interspersed with grunts, quacks, ums, ers, and other noises. He's a Chinese guy who did grad school and a post doc in the US, so you can't really fault him too much for speaking totally foreign language. Infinitely better than my mandarin anyway.
Anyway he had a couple of gems today.

"Er, uh, yes. It turns out to be electronics-- or sterics effect-- or maybe both." (Yeah, that pretty much covers the bases.)

"We had to uh, er, duh, make sure it was a good template for our project scaffold, and uh not just some uh piece of crap." (laughter ensues)