Sunday, September 16, 2007

Two more gone

Two more people quit last week. One chemist, one biologist. The chemist is going to a south bay biotech. The move won't garner him any more money or job responsibilities, but as he rightly said "it won't be here."

So the CEO finally did the please don't quit speech. He's announced a salary survey to see where we are in relation to other companies. Apparently it takes a committee to plug numbers into the ACS salary calculator. Whatever. At least he finally seems to be taking complaints about evil SVP seriously.

We're also looking to hire some RA's so the scientist-2s get to boss some people around besides us lowly scientist-1s. Of course most of the candidates have been from evil SVP's old company. Bring in the cronies.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Quote of the day

One of the project managers tries to get one of the vivarium staff to sit in on a meeting.

Ratgirl: "You chemists have too many meetings"
Junior PM: "Of course, without meetings what else would we do all day? Work?"

Upon hearing this, several of us in the room had difficulty keeping our beverages from escaping through our noses. Lesson #1 for junior PM: you cannot be facetious when what you're saying is actually the truth.