Sunday, November 25, 2007

The light at the end of the tunnel...

-- someone please tell me that it's not a train. Or so goes the song by Cracker.

Our little operation is now taking the steps necessary to go public. Sometime in the future, the management will be doing the road show and all of that good stuff. Hopefully, we will have the science to back it up by then. Here's the important disclaimer: even though I haven't disclosed the name of my company some people might consider this an insider tip. Well don't! I don't know anything about the company that isn't already disclosed to the public. I'm not that important. The timeline, pipeline, future projects and company status are out there for public evaluation. Beyond that I have no comment as to when we go public or what our future projects are: etc. etc.

I worry somewhat that this is the beginning of an exit strategy for the CEO. I hope he isn't leaving us to be devoured by general Franco and his cronies. I also worry what happens after we go public. Do we become a target for a Pfizer slash and burn? Then again I have to wonder if milkshake is right. Is a layoff sometimes the best thing that could happen to you? In terms of employability, I'm much better off than most of my coworkers. It is deeply frustrating how crappy scientists get hired simply because they know the right people. Time to practice my sucking up, but only on the right-people-types.