Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lifeboats away!

Well, the exodus has begun. Three people have quit in the last two weeks. At least two more are getting ready to hand in their resignation. We're all looking around wondering who's next. Pretty soon people will be getting stuck in the doorways as they all try to get out at the same time: Larry Moe and Curly style.

Management has finally begun scratching their heads. Gee, I wonder why people are leaving? Evil Medchem director actually asked people to come see him about problems with the department. That would be an interesting conversation. Evil one: "So what's the matter? Why is everyone quitting?" Me: "You're the problem. Everyone is leaving because you are a dishonest a-hole and you treat people like crap." Somehow I think he won't be too eager to fix the problem when he finds out he is the problem. Go fire yourself.

Of course we could go talk to the evil Vice President of drug discovery. He hired evil medchem director, and three other senior managers without input from anyone else. Yeah boss, the problem is your hand-picked minions from your last company are all turds.

I'm trying to decide if I should try to ride this limping company until the IPO sometime in the future, or if I should find a new gig now. I am keeping a close eye on the rats in the DMPK lab. Once they start abandoning ship, I'm outta here.

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