Sunday, July 1, 2007

New Evil Master

Never ask how things could be worse. When I did, we hired a new director of med chem. We suspected it would be bad when the first thing he said to the department was “I’m the boss so everyone will do exactly what I tell them to.” Turns out he really was not joking.

He came from another company that had a reputation for hiring lots of H1B chemists and using the threat of deportation to squeeze as much life force from them as possible. Basically he’s the guy who loves being in charge and thinks himself always right. I might even be okay with that if he knew what he was doing. Clearly he doesn't. Why did I bother to get a PhD just to be told what targets I must make and what reactions I must use to make them?

Now he’s trying to antagonize people at our company. I don’t know if he actually wants to fire people so he can bring in more ‘motivated’ labor, or if he just likes flaunting his authority.
Everyone is trying to cover their own asses while he runs our most important project straight into the ground. I'm just trying to keep my mouth shut. Right now I’m torn between looking for another job, or sticking it out until the company goes public.

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